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Who Does She Think She Is?

Ethan, Holly, and Jack

I think I am a twenty-four year old senior in college, double majoring in psychology and religious studies. I first became interested in the subject of religion and the environment when I took class from Dr. J. Michael Clark about three years ago. I have been doing my own research ever since.

While busy with school and work, I also find time to spend reading, writing, spying with walkie-talkies with Ali, reading my biology textbook on vacation, playing Young Ebert/Old fat Ebert with Katie, making fun of Charles' feet, beating up my little brother (who's 6'4"), and videotaping Jenna dancing with brooms.

I live in Atlanta, GA with my singer/songwriter/best friend/husband, Ethan, our two dogs, Jack and Kaya, and our turtle, Theodore (where is he?).

Kaya and Jack